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Ili Valley wallpaper

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BeitragVerfasst am: 24.06.2016 10:45:24    Titel: Ili Valley wallpaper
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Speaking of lavender, travelers often think of the endless fields stretching purple in European countries such as England, France. But no need to go far visitors can still look lavender Ili Valley of Xinjiang province of China. When summer time is that of lavender purple covering an entire airspace. It also is seen as a land of lavender Chinese tourists.
Lavender brings a romantic beauty and dreamy. Lavender is one of the sacred herbs in the summer, it also symbolizes luck. And if sprinkled with dried lavender flowers came in the house, they will bring peace, harmony. If one is an eye the vast field of flowers, once the lovers holding hands walking in the sea purple flowers, under a clear blue sunny sky, take a deep breath chest lavender fragrance will really feel it very happy and rather romantic. It is many people's feelings when prompted to name this flower. Please install yourself beautiful flowers wallpaper hd to enjoy moments of relaxation and fun before hard to resist the beauty of flowers offline.
Lavender area up to 20,000 hectares here, and has become one of the four sites in the area planted with lavender world's largest. People still wonder to each other that the meaning of this flower look sharp, some have argued that lavender imply that the suspect but the Chinese say lavender meaning "waiting for love". With a romantic setting here, the Ili valley every summer again assuming a purple shirt attracts thousands of tourists drowning in this love wallpaper hd.
Due clean scent and insect repellents, it is the herbs were widely used. Fragrant lavender is also used to extract essential oils as perfumes, blending with other essential oils such as peppermint oil, rosemary oil, lemon essential oil or essential oils of citrus. It is also combined with clove, cedar, sage, geranium, patchouli ... lavender essential oil is extracted only from flowers and flower stalks. In addition essential oils of lavender flowers is antiseptic and anti-inflammatory, lavender is also used as a sedative, and anti-bacterial qualities. Lavender with strong antiseptic properties, helps heal wounds, burns. Not only extract the oil, lavender is also used as a fragrant powder bags, flowers mummified. The easiest way to keep scent of lavender is year round bouquet into small bundles or remove the cloth bags to the room. In areas where the climate is dry, dry lavender flowers can fragrant throughout 5 years and possibly much longer.
If tourists come here with her lover, just holding hands walking in purple, under a little sunshine and the smell of lavender in the air made it will probably feel very happy and romantic.
If you're a fan of the beauty and fragrance of their flowers download beautiful and unique nature wallpaper hd, you can freely admire the beauty of the gravitational field of flowers and natural surroundings romantic, do not forget to share with your friends
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