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GORM 24h Central Europe Race
07.August 2015

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BeitragVerfasst am: 09.03.2015 15:21:23    Titel: GORM 24h Central Europe Race
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Rules in english
Regulations German Off Road Masters 2014

1.0 Type of Event
An overall result is calculated from different off-road stages (one or more rounds each).

1.1 Participation Requirements
Teams of all nationalities are eligible; a FIA licence is not required. Drivers must have a valid driving licence. Vehicles must be street legal or must have sports liability insurance. Temporary number plates are permitted. Professional registration plates (red plates with a registration number starting with 06) are not permitted.

1.2 Event Language
The event language is German.

1.3 Classification Status
The GORM is scored as part of the “Deutschen DMV Rallye Raid Meisterschaft” (German DMV Rallye Raid Championship).

1.5 Number of Participants and Class Assignment
Registration on time means that a team is entitled to start. The organiser reserves the right to refuse late entries.

1.6 Application for Entry
Registration is to be done via the respective form. The form can be submitted online, via e-mail, fax or by regular mail. Registration deadlines are listed in the final announcement (www.GORM-open.de). Entry fees are also published at www.GORM-open.de. Entry is valid upon receipt of the entry form and entry fee and will be confirmed in writing. Late entries at an increased fee are possible up to the time of document inspection. Entry fees include the paddock fee for one transport vehicle, the competition vehicle and one accompanying vehicle. Entry fees include the fees for emergency services, recovery services, and catering.
Participants under the age of 18 need a written consent signed by their parents (or legal guardians) for registration.

1.8 Code of Conduct
The instructions of the organiser and his representatives must be strictly followed. This applies both to the whole duration of the event and the entire event grounds including paddocks and campground.
Entering the competition area is solely allowed at specific times and only with competition vehicles. Service vehicles may enter and leave the event area only with the express permission of the race director. In any case, service vehicles must have a valid motor vehicle liability insurance (Kfz-Haftpflichtversicherung), they must be street legal or have temporary number plates. Service vehicle drivers must have a valid driving licence for the respective vehicle. Service vehicle drivers have to drive slowly and carefully and have to be considerate, they may not affect the race. The relevant entry permission is to be displayed clearly visible in the service vehicle.
Alcohol and drug consumption by participants is strictly prohibited before and during the races! Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs will lead to disqualification. All drivers, co-drivers, and vehicles participating in the event do so at their own risk! Claims beyond the actual insurance benefits may not be made against the organiser or any other third person. Therefore drivers and co-drivers have to sign an insurance acknowledgement before the start. Only vehicles in a safe and roadworthy condition are allowed to compete. In the pit lane there is a speed limit of 10 km/h (6 mph), exceeding the speed limit can lead to an exclusion from the event. Violations can result in time penalties or fines and can lead to disqualification.

2. Admitted Vehicles
2.1 Class T2
(Off-road vehicles - series production with a minimum of 5,000 units produced) Minimum weight 1,150 kg / 2,235 lb (up to build year 2005 / 850 kg / 1,873 lb) Maximum width 210cm / 82 in, maximum weight 3500 kg / 7,716 lb
Tyres and rims as well as shock absorbers and springs may differ from the standard series. Two shock absorbers per Wheel are permitted; one shock absorber per Wheel has to be attached to the original shock absorber mounting. For the second shock absorber, which must not exceed the size of the original one, a mounting may be built. Reinforcing the shock absorber mountings and the chassis end stops is permitted. Replacing the springs is permitted, the original spring mountings have to remain; they may be reinforced but their location may not be changed. These parts may only be attached to mountings that are equivalent to the original ones with regard to size and position. No larger or lengthwise offset mountings (suspension travel may not be prolonged by modifying the position of the mountings, no mountings for larger shock absorbers may be installed). The additionally installed shock mountings must accommodate the original shocks as well.
No plastic body parts, no plexiglas. Engine and transmission must have been installed in series into this vehicle type at least 500 times. Two seats next to each other, a roll-over bar and four-point seat belts are required. All safety equipment is permitted (safety cage, seats, seat belts, fire-extinguishing system, etc.). Additional tanks are permitted. Mounts for additional spare tyres and tools are permitted as well as navigation system holders. Removing the original seats, the headliner, and the carpet as well as removing all interior components from the B-pillar inwards and underneath the seat surface is allowed. All other components of the production vehicle (cladding, front windscreen) have to remain installed in the car! The steering Wheel may be replaced. ABS, ESP, and airbags may be deactivated. Further modifications are not permitted.

2.2 Class T1 (Off-road vehicles, enhanced)
Maximum width 230cm / 90 in, maximum weight 3,500 kg / 7,716 lb
Minimum weight 1,150 kg / 2,535 lb (850 kg / 1,873 lb up to build year 2005)
All off-road vehicles that were further modified than allowed in class T2 will start in this class. Required are a roll-over cage, four-point seat belts, sport seats, and an electric, mechanically operated emergency stop switch (inside and outside) marked with a thunderbolt. Two seats next to each other are required.

2.3 Class T3 (Buggy / UTV)
For vehicles weighing less than 1,150 kg / 2,535 lb. Minimum weight 400 kg / 881 lb. A roll-over bar and four-point seat belts are required. An electric, mechanically operated emergency stop switch (inside and outside) marked with a thunderbolt is required.

2.4 Class T4 (Trucks)
Vehicles with a kerb weight of more than 3.5 tons, maximum width 250cm / 98 in, maximum weight 20 tons. Three-point seat belts, roll-over bar and 2 fire extinguishers (4.5 lb (2 kg) each) are required.

2.5 Class Q (ATV/Quad)
Q1 Quad, 2x4, minimum weight 165 lb (75 kg)
Q2 All-wheel drive, minimum weight 330 lb (150 kg / 330 lb)

3.0 Mandatory Equipment:
Passenger cars / trucks: 1 first-aid kit, 2 shackles, 1 rescue belt (minimum 29.6 feet / 9 meters), 2 towing eyes (at the front and the rear of the vehicle), approved seats and seat belts and at least four-point seat belts.
Roll-over protection: A roll-over bar is required for all vehicles (except Q classes) - at least A and B pillars in the classes T1 / T3 and B pillar in the classes T2, T4 – their construction is to be based on FIA-recommendation appendix J),

At least one fitting spare tyre is to be carried along (all classes except Q).
All parts have to be stowed and secured in the vehicle so that they don’t pose a hazard to the passengers! It is prohibited to carry along jerrycans! The battery terminals of the vehicle have to be permanently and reliably covered (insulated)! All attachment parts like roadbook holder, tripmaster or the like may not have sharp edges and corners. All drivers / co-drivers have to wear a helmet and have their seat belts fastened during the race.

Mud guards are required for all wheels (Class Q1 only for rear wheels, Q1 no mud guards required). These must cover the complete width of the tyre and have to at least go down to the Wheel hub.
Auxiliary headlights are mandatory for the 24h race. All installed headlights must have the „E“-mark of conformity. Lighting according to StVO (German road traffic regulations) is required. This means that only auxiliary headlamps (or fog lamps) / (in pairs) may be used. Working lights pointing towards the front are not permitted. According to the German road traffic regulations (StVO) headlights have always to be installed in pairs and side by side. Rear fog lamps (dust lamps) and a third brake lamp are required.

3.1 Fire Safety
All vehicles (T1 - T4) have to be equipped with two approved fire extinguishers (4.5 lb / 2 kg each) that have to be mounted within reach of driver and co-driver. Alternatively, if there is a fire-extinguishing system, one fire extinguisher (4.5 lb / 2 kg) will suffice (4.5 lb / 2 kg).
When refuelling in the pit lane a 4 kg / 9 lb fire extinguisher must be available. A maximum of 100 litres of fuel may be stored in approved containers.

4.0 Miscellaneous
Only vehicles with Wheel drive are permitted. Engine performance enhancement is permitted. All vehicles (except for class Q1) have to have at least one reverse gear.

4.1 Bib Numbers
In the particular classes, the following surfaces are to be reserved for the bib numbers.
Q1 /Q2 and T3: A 20x20cm (7 7/8 x 7 7/8 inches) bib number field on the right and left side
T1, T2, T4: A 40x40 cm (15 3/4 x 15 3/4 inches) bib number field on the right and left side an on the windscreen (glare shield at the top).

4.2 Drivers and Vehicles
The vehicle itself and the engine of the vehicle may not be exchanged during the entire duration of the event.

4.3 Tyres
All tyres are permitted.

5.0 Protective Clothing
All participants have to wear FIA or ECE approved helmets during the competition. Sturdy shoes are required (no sandals or slippers).
Motocross boots, gloves, back protector, shoulder and knee protectors, and a helmet according to the European ECE regulations with visor or safety goggles as ell as elbow protectors are required in the class Q

Drivers and co-drivers of Class T1 and T3 vehicles have to wear fireproof jumpsuits.

6.0 Crew
Two people (driver and co-driver) are permitted per vehicle (T4, 3 people, Q 1 driver).

7.0 Mandatory Stickers
Attaching the GORM sponsor stickers (glare protection / windscreen, bib number / doors) is mandatory, vehicles without stickers will be disqualified. By registering, the participants commit themselves to attaching the advertising of the sponsors supporting the event to their vehicles as indicated by the GORM organisers. The respective surfaces have to be reserved for this purpose, self-promotion as well as advertising for competitors is permitted and doesn’t require consent from the organiser.

8.0 Entry Fees
T1 & T2 Off-road vehicles:
Entry fee per vehicle (1 driver / 1 co-driver): 450€
Entry fee for each additional driver: 225€ (24h Race: maximum 4 drivers per vehicle)
Entry fee for each additional co-driver: 50 € (24h Race: maximum 4 co-drivers per vehicle)

T3 Buggy + S by S up to 750 kg / 1,653 lb
Entry fee per vehicle (1 driver / 1 co-driver): 400€
Entry fee for each additional driver: 200€ (24h Race: maximum 4 drivers per vehicle)
Entry fee for each additional co-driver: 50 €: (24h Race: maximum 4 co-drivers per vehicle)

Q1+ Q2 Quad + ATV
Entry fee per vehicle (1 driver): 125 €
Entry fee for each additional driver: 125 € (24h Race 1 vehicle/ team of 2-4 drivers).

T4.1 T4.2 Trucks
Entry fee per vehicle (1 driver / 1 co-driver): 500 €
Entry fee for each additional driver: 250 € (24h Race: maximum 4 drivers per vehicle)
Entry fee for each additional co-driver: 50 € (24h Race: maximum 4 drivers/ 8 co-drivers per vehicle)

9.0 Prizes of Honour
The winner of each event will receive a prize of honour. Ranking will take place by class and, in addition, the overall winner will be honoured.

10.0 Protest
Upon depositing 300 Euros, protest can be made against the decision of the organisation within an hour after publication of the race results. If the protest is granted, the 300 Euros are refunded. The arbitration committee consisting of the race director, the organiser, three participants’ representatives, and the timekeeper will decide on the protest. In order to achieve a qualifying result for the GORM annual masters, 66% of the racing distance has to be completed in the class each time; for the benefit of the participants it is always rounded down to the last complete round.

11.0 Medical Care:
All events are supervised by an appointed medical service. The organiser doesn’t assume any liability for the work of the medical service. Please note: The attending paramedics have to be notified about chronic illnesses (allergies, diabetes etc.) before the race.

12.0 Obligation to Help
All participants have an obligation to help in case of emergencies / accidents! A possible loss of time will be credited. The fire extinguisher or first-aid kit on board the vehicle has to be handed over to the helpers (or helping people) on request! (If necessary, used fire extinguishers or first-aid kits will be replaced by the organisers before the race is resumed.)
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